TLP – Linux Advanced Power Management

TLP is a fantastically powerful power utility for any linux on laptop hardware, it comes preconfigured to handle most environments and if it does not suit your setup you can configure it to meet your needs.

TLP comes with a default configuration already optimized for battery life, so you may just install and forget it.

To install:

[james@Jadelinux ~]$ sudo dnf install tlp tlp-rdw

Tap "y" then hit enter to continue.


To enable TLP to load at startup type:

[james@Jadelinux ~]$ sudo systemctl enable tlp

To start TLP type:

[james@Jadelinux ~]$ sudo tlp start

To view TLP current configuration type:

[james@Jadelinux ~]$ sudo tlp stat -s

That’s it! TLP is now installed for more information and configuration options please visit TLP home page