James Healy


My 1st Computer

My name is James and I have been in to computers for a very long time now. My first computer was a 386 by Intel 32Mb of RAM and a 500MB Hard Disk. My Grandmother bought it for me from a Cash Converters and at the time it was loaded with Windows 3.11 needless to say I broke it within a week.

Now this is back in the day of no restore CD's or back up disks. All I had in this machine was a 500mb HDD and a floppy disk drive.

I was fortunate enough to be living in Margate, Kent. And we have a college called Thanet college home to one of the biggest library's in the UK and it here I found Linux.

My first Linux distributions "distro" was Corel Linux a Debian based Linux really nice at the time and it came with a 2000+ page manual with everything I needed to install and setup my Linux environment. six months later I moved to Debian.

Nowadays I live in Cork in Republic of Ireland and my distros of choice are Fedora, CentOS/RedHat, and Arch. Fedora as they say is bleeding edge software. CentOS being an Unbranded version of RedHat, Arch is a rolling release distro.

I use Fedora for both my desktop and laptop this covers the majority of my day to day tasks like web-browsing, emailing, coding, etc.

I use CentOS for my servers it's a fantastically stable Linux built from RedHat enterprise packages. Which makes it a 100 percent compatible with RedHat software and the Wiki support is excellent for it too!

With an unbelievable Wiki Support and IRC Channels between the two you can solve any problem with you might have with Arch.

The Linux I Use

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For help and support email me @ info@jadelinux.net  Youtube